Bottle of wine as gift

À partir de 30,00 

With the “Bottle of Wine as gift” voucher you can give a bottle of wine to choose from among those offered by our Sommeliers when the voucher is used.

Indicate the type of bottle of wine to give:
  • Curioso: 30 € bottle;
  • Festival: 50 € bottle;
  • Grand Festival: 80 € bottle.
Terms of use:
  • The voucher allows you to select 3 wine categories: i) Curious: 30 € bottle; ii) Festival: € 50 bottle; iii) Grand Festival: € 80 bottle.
  • The “Bottle of wine as gift” voucher can only be used in combination with a tasting menu or a la carte dishes; it is not possible to consume only the bottle; it is not possible to buy for takeaway.
  • To be able to take advantage of the “Bottle of wine” offer by voucher, the reservation is mandatory, communicating the number of the gift voucher, to the number +39 011 089 7651 or through the Condividere website.
  • The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • It is necessary to present yourself with a paper or digital copy with a clearly legible QR code.
  • Partial use of vouchers is not permitted.
  • The voucher cannot be converted or refunded in cash

With an additional cost of 9 € you can send the gift voucher by regular mail.