Aji Box,
The online sales software for your vouchers, coupons and tickets.

The gift voucher / coupon
simple and fast...

Sell your gift coupons directly from your website. No trip to your establishment to buy and offer one of your gift coupons, everything is managed online. Make it easy to buy your gift coupons and win new customers!

Sell directly without competitors
or intermediaries ...

A visitor to your site is directed to your "sales showroom" and does not see the offers of your competitors ... AJI-Box is not a platform for selling gift boxes with big discounts but a relay of your website to YOUR customers.

Sell your parties and events online

Restaurants, organizers, sell your theme parties and your events on AJI-Box. Your customers book and pay online ... you receive the money in your account. All bookings are prepaid before you start your event. You manage your purchases better and avoid no-shows.

Sell your products online

AJI-Box facilitates the sale of your products (to take away or to withdraw on your website). Your customer orders and pays online before to pick up the product or offer it to someone ... Upon purchase, the amount is credited to your bank account and improves your cash immediately!

How does it work?

Aji Box allows you to simply sell your products to consume or to withdraw in store.
No complicated mailing management, you manage your stocks easily and in real time.

Sales online

We put your products online. The visitor chooses a product (gift voucher, catering product ..), and places his order for himself or to offer.

Order validated

You recieve the money in your account. A unique coupon with a scanner code is sent to the recipient or the buyer.

Voucher use

The recipient comes into your shop, you scan his voucher and he can recover / consume his order or gift!

They trust us...

Michelin-starred restaurants, hotels, independent winemakers, shops...
They chose to trust us.

Quick and easy start

No intermediary commissions or setting up an online payment system.
A simple IBAN is enough for payments to arrive directly to your account.

Registration at AJI Box is reserved for professionals.
AJI-Box is not a mainstream market place but a tool for professionals.