Communication & promotion

Sales promotion

To promote online sales, AJI Box includes various social media tools, such as posting on Facebook or the “Like” and “Share” buttons. AJI Box realizes displaying your store on Google, Facebook … to facilitate and stimulate sales.

Advice and Assistance

AJI Box is at your disposal 6/7 from 8h to 20H. Our team advises you on the establishment of your gift vouchers and their evolution over the years … AJI Box is also an excellent marketing tool profitable and easy to use. You can increase your coupon sales with features built into AJI Box, such as promotional codes, special offers, event sales…

Gift Cards

We design also attractive printed promotional materials in the form of gift cards, business cards, billboards or flyers, to better promote the gift vouchers directly in your establishment.

Validation by smartphone

Our mobile application allows you to quickly validate gift cards and even those loaded directly on the smartphone.

Sales promotion for your coupons

With the help of AJI Box you will get many opportunities to show to your guests your vouchers.

Gift voucher or online coupon badge and temporary popup

For visitors ofo your website, it must be easy to discover your coupon offer. To do this, AJI Box provides you with stylized images to place on your homepage as well as elements to generate popups during important periods like the month of December for example.

Coupons and adapted designs…

The message and the image on the voucher can change according to your needs. Each voucher is specific for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas. By clicking the badge leads directly to your online store or on a voucher in particular.

Electronic signature of your emails

Email is a potential advertising medium, which is why AJI Box provides you with a chart that can easily be embedded in your email signature, and can be linked to your AJI Box store.

On-site requests

AJI Box provides you with a variety of documents, which can be placed at the reception or in the restaurant, in the room, in the menu, in the locker room or in other areas of your establishment. It is important to inform your customers of your offer of coupons. We provide 1,000 business cards with a link to your AJI Box shop when setting up your subscription.