Technology & Security:
Advanced Technology
and Payment Security

Online sales

AJI Box is a modern online store with responsive design, which gives you an excellent opportunity to successfully sell your offers and voucher packages directly from your own website, without being compared to your competitors.

Secured online payment

Customers can pay for their purchases directly online with credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, etc.), PostFinance Card, Invoice, Paypal, Instant Transfer and other payment methods. For the processing of online payments, we work with one of the leading payment service providers. The money is transferred from your buyer to your account via AJI Box.

Immediate generation of PDF coupons

Your customers can immediately download the vouchers / tickets ordered after payment and print them themselves. Not only do customers benefit from this essential option these days, but you can significantly reduce your administrative costs.

Responsive Design (optimized for mobile)

AJI Box has been programmed in a responsive design and adapts perfectly to the size of any smartphone, tablet or computer. As mobile device purchases have increased dramatically, mobile optimized solutions are essential. This not only leads to a modern and aesthetic result, but also stands out for high performance. On AJI Box, your vouchers and offers are loaded anytime, anywhere, at the speed of light and can be purchased directly.

Local sales

Thanks to AJI Box, you can sell your coupons quickly and efficiently, anywhere. Whether at the reception, at the restaurant, directly at the cash register, you have the flexibility you need in your points of sale. Gift vouchers sold locally also benefit from a very high quality design.

Validation and collection of vouchers

Validate the guest’s voucher

All vouchers come with a unique code, which is verified at the time of exchange / validation. The anti-counterfeit code is generated automatically by our AJI Box system and inserted as a QR code and random numeric code. This ensures that the existing value can be verified on a voucher at any time and partially or totally exchanged or devalidated.

Vouchers with QR Code

For the examination and use of a voucher, many possibilities are available, which can be used depending on the local conditions of the company:

Validate vouchers or tickets via your computer

In AJI Box dashboard accessible on your computer, just enter the first letters / numbers of the code. Once the voucher / coupon has been selected, it can be invalidated to avoid a second use.

Validate vouchers or tickets via your smartphone or tablet

Validations via smartphone or tablet are not a problem. Scan the QR code with your phone and the voucher is immediately registered as exchanged for your benefit. Simple, safe and fast like lightning. A special application is available for our customers for Android and iOS devices.


Saas software

AJI Box is based on the SaaS model (software as a service / cloud). Your AJI Box store will be installed and configured on our servers. You can use AJI Box directly from your web browser. Eliminating local servers and facilities eliminates significant financial and administrative effort for your business and leaves you more time for your core business.

Your advantages

No cost to develop your IT infrastructure or your website with e-Commerce software. No software installation on your computers or your website. We perform automatic backups to ensure the security of the system and your data. AJI Box is a software in constant evolution and you benefit from the new developments without additional costs. Security updates and updates are regularly installed on our servers and made available to all our customers. So you always have the latest tools and developments in the lucrative business of vouchers and coupons.

Secure payment and management

The vouchers and coupons tamper-proof can be validated on various devices as : the computer at the reception, directly at the restaurant cash desk (if the software is compatible) or via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Hosting and security updates

The AJI Box system is hosted on our servers and always has the latest security and protection updates. For you, no technological monitoring or complicated updates to monitor on your side with your agency or the developer of the website …